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“The Road goes ever …:” Sydney – Saturday 31th

Wendy & Anne waiting for theflight to Chch later this afternoon
Wendy & Anne waiting for theflight to Chch later this afternoon

We have arrived in Sydney after an uneventful flight fron Dhaka to KL and then KL to Sydney. There was a litlte turbulance over Aussie and coming in to Sydney. We left KL about anhour late, and on arriving at Sydneywe had to wait about 30 mins on the tarmac while our terminal became free.. Wehad to go in to Aussie because our baggage was not booked all the way through to Chch. So we eperienced Aussie hospitality at its best! 🙂

At the Quantas checkin we met “Syd”. Everyone seems to have the name tag that says their name is “Syd”, or is it that this is their pass ID in to the Sydney airport where they are working? Anyway “Syd” was very helpful and we had our three bags checked-in for Chch. So, all things being equal they should be there when we arrive with our flight.Then

n back through customs and passport control – again. It was my turn to go through the body check machine. It showed up my belt and the packet of chewing gum in my pocket I had forgotten about. After this I was swabbed for drugs in Wendy’s handbag that I am carrying. You will be happy to hear that there  was a “nil” result to the test 🙂

So now we are in the departure lounge waiting for the 6:45pm flight to Chch in about 4 1/4 hours. We had hoped to be able to go into Sydney and do some touristy type things, but after only a few hours of sleep after the over night flight from KL we are seated next to McDonalds (ice cream at 4.00pm) “watching the girls go by” – oops sorry  – watching the planes go fly (in and out).

Today is the first time we have had any wind to speak of. Dhaka had none, and at KL we were in the building. Though there were some lightening flashes to “light up” our evening meal in the transit termiinal. In Dhaka you could not see a clear sky at all. The degree of pollution ment that the sky was hidden and even if there were clouds, they could not be seen.

The sky here in Sydney is high clouds and no blue sky visible. However, it is certainly cooler here – in the mid 20C’s.Nice and comfortable!

Wendy is asleep, Anne is on her cell phone doing something on the internet, while I am updating the blog. What are we going to do this coming week back in Chch?

Ah well, maybe we have to go off again so that we can blog about that!!! No, not in the near future – may nexy year to Fiji…

Our Quantas flight arrives about midniight, then back to 10 Ajax St, set the DVD to record a rugby match to watch later,and then life will begin to resemble a well oiled machine as we begin to take up the various duties, jobs and responsibilities we have. Chrismas coming up all to soon… Then 2016 and all its possibilities of serving and so forth.

“The road goes ever on and on…

Down from the door where it began…”

And so we wend our way back to our door to be resorted, replenished and revitalised for the next “Road that ever goes on…”

Thank you for taking this jorney with us,

We thankour God for the privilage to jorney with Him in to interesting places, meeting lots of interesting people, and the grace He gives to share our stories with them…


Peter, Wendy and Anne

Breathrough in GEMS school registration

Gems had applied toregister their school in 2010. Every inquiry since was met with lost file and hints for bribes. Or redo the file 2cm of paper to redo. During the week R with an English visiter went to see someone higher up in Education dept to discuss bringing outteacher training 6. While there they inquired re Gems Registration. He run down to the lower levels. Answer file lost. The seniorman said very firmly ; find it! And they did and word came they could pick it up on Fridayat 12 oo Thankyou Father for the right man and the file done.

Yesterday was busy getting things finished and handed over. We were sad to leave the so were they. Will you come back everyone asked.?

Last night wasthe local House Church where we stayed. More friends to see. Wealsogot our bags packed almost nothing to pack. Then we hadsteak and chips our first non curry dinner! We hadt taken the steak over vacumn packed no problem. Amazing. We prayed for each other.

This morning no problem the driver was thereto drive us to the airport and no problem driving as Friday is the holiday so the traffic was light. So now we are on the way and are having tea at KL airport at Delifrance!! Catch a flight in several hours to Sydney then a long wait before the pland to CHCH

See you soon


Friday, 30th October

It is just on 5.00am and the call to worship has sounded out again.

Today we fly home. Where is home? Home is where tha heart is. One of my favourite authors, Paul Tournier, wrote “A Place Called Home”. He spoke aboit our need to be able to live where we are fully and be involved. To find a place of rest in our spirits and not be troubled because we have never ‘left’ our original home.

Over the years I, Peter, have left many ‘homes’. So today I leave another home. It is a little sad, and yet also joyful. For I go to another ‘home. A home of long standing. In fact I have  never lived in one place as long as I have in Christchurch. And I have learnt to give myself fully in what ever place I find myself.

Dhaka has been hot and humid. I have not slept as well asI would have liked. Yet it has been ‘home’. We have been welcomed by R&C, and the family at GEMS, and come to love them all. It will be dificult to get on the plane. There are great needs here. One can do much for the Kingdom. Yet the needs are great everywhere.

Home is where tha heart is…

Our hearts find their ‘home’ in God, so wherever He is, that is home. It is a privilage to find one’s ‘home’ in God.

One of the things I did not expect to find here was who my daughter Anne has become. I suppose that like most parents Anne had “never grown up”, as it were. Well, she has been a revelation to me here. Her ability at teaching English, and helping others understand it has been an eye-opener to me. Anne is finding a place for her tallents and giftings. What her future will look like I do not know, but I am watching with bated breadth, as it were, to see who she becomes in God.

We begin our journet in about 4 hours time. First we fly to Kuala Lumpour, then on to Sydney, amd finally arrive in Chch about midnight tomorrow night. There are many hours in airports.  Almost as many as in flying! 🙂

There is the invitation to return here. We need time to get back into the folw and rytheme of life in Chch before we decide such things. I siad to the Lord some years ago that Ido not need to go overseas again. And now I find this ‘virus’ of mission flares up again. “Help Lord”. We will see.

Wendy has done great things in helping the science dept. We will have many things to see to in the weeks ahead. Happily R$C’s son is going to Dhaka for Chtistmas, so we can give him a flash drive of things for them.

Now the need to finish packing, get Micheal, the Transend driver, to take to the airport, then customs, immigtation, tickets, and all the various other events of changing countries take place until we again stand on the terra firma of Chch.

Thankyou for being part of our adventure and time here in Dhaka. Thankyou for your prayers and support.


Peter, Wendy and Anne

Wednesday Follow up

Sorry about this chief, I forgot to put captions on the photos, so I have correct ed as you see.

Today is our last day at GEMS. It will be sad to leave.

A view looking out the side window on the neighbours back yard
A view looking out the side window on the neighbours back yard
The court yard of Gems with Wendy and some of the other English teachers
The court yard of Gems with Wendy and some of the other English teachers
The syreet entrance of GEMS with Wendy about to go through the gate
The street entrance of GEMS with Wendy about to go through the gate
The rubbish collection cart outside the building getting ready to colle t and sort the rubbish
The rubbish collection cart outside the building where we are staying getting ready to collect and sort the rubbish

Wednesday 28th October

Hi everyone

Its hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day. When we arrive at school a group of mothers waiting for their preschool children are in the courtyard. Now they all greet us with a “good morning” most haven’t tried to make conversation they may not have more English. We are warmly welcomed by everyone. This morning a preschool mother brought some coconut balls and I was given one – delicious.

When offered tea they expect you will have sugar. The spoon in the sugar box is a dessert spoon so if you say one thanks you will get a dessert spoon in a small cupful. Diabetes increasing here too.

Today I need to continue teaching the senior Reproduction class and a science teacher has called in sick so I will Take her class – electricity. Peter is working with the DP on something to do with the laptops. Anne is teaching a group of students English, then she will have a teacher group.

We have been joined by 2 ladies from Britain who are helping with coaching teachers and identifying special needs students.

Peter here,

I have been working on the small laptop – 10″ – computers sorting out the programs to put on the. And as far as I can tell I have finished. There is one more, a Bangla language program that is needed for the keyboard. However, I have had great difficulty in both finding it and then trying to down load/install it on the 20 or so laptops. I feel as if I have been on an intensive computer training course to do this. I have felt inadequate, however, the Lord has been helping me and that is good.

I’m not sure what I should be doing over the next two days, still I have things I can teach them to do with Excel. It is fascinating, for as I teach them what I know (and acknowledge what I don’t) then I’m finding new ways to do old things.

(Since finishing the last sentence I have been giving some tips to two of the teachers).

I have taken some photos on the way here so they will be the next post. Anne is showing me how to do this. The photos are on my tablet not the laptop. Oh the joys of multiple electronic gadgets.


Tuesday 27th – What you see out the window while driving

,This morning as we were driving from R&C’s place where we are staying I saw many things and sights out the van window.

Rickshaws piled high with boxes, or bags, or people.

Shops open selling all sorts of goods, from vegetables to soft drink, bread to potato chips, biscuits to bananas and the like,

Others cooking food for passers by – a breakfast on the go, as it were

Butchers with their wares hanging on hooks open to the local fly population

Buses full of men all going somewhere – work maybe?

Skips full of rubbish ready for collection, while others are sweeping the street and filling them to over flowing. Sometimes I’ve seen others sorting through the rubbish looking for things

Motorbike weaving in and out of the traffic

Mini vans, 4×4’s, old cars and new ones, all seeking to get there faster and leaving everyone else looking for the way through the flow. Each one pressing into the available gaps in the traffic. Order in the chaos.

Rickshaws travelling down our side of the road while going against the flow!!!!!!!!!!

Men dashing across the road with no apparent regard for their safety

The occasional woman walking along the footpath. I also noticed about 8-10 women all sitting outside a shop, maybe they were waiting to go into the sewing factory?

Men mending their rickshaws or their three wheeled taxis

Engineering shops ready for work

People biking

Policemen seeking to direct the traffic

No traffic lights, even if there were then they are generally not obeyed

And our driver, Kenny today, not our usual driver Micheal, doing an expert joy of weaving through the traffic and not getting into any scraps

This morning, at 8.00am, local time the city is still waking up, so the traffic is not as bad as at about 9.00am, local time. The traffic goes all night with the horns blaring out warning the driver in front “I want to get by!!”, or “Careful I’m here!!”

Other times of being driven round the city I have seem the lean-toos that people use as their homes. Right on the footpath while using the fence as the back wall. One place I noticed about 100 metres like this.While a little while later the big city shops selling new cars, clothing, McDonald’s., and a myriad other items.

At school today Anne continues her English teaching, Wendy her Science and I doing the computers, as well as helping teach Excel and Word. The what (little) I know is helping them get better and become more proficient.

It is a privilege to be here do what we can.

It’s 5.45pm in Christchurch at the moment, we hope you’ve had a good day, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Peter, Wendy & Anne


Hi everyone

I haven’t written for ages.

Yesterday was Monday and usually school but yesterday was a Muslin holiday, so no school. In the morning I spent 2 hours with the school dept telling him about the resources we had brought last year and this year. He also wanted help with Biology reproduction and genetics. Next lesson I will teach his class (our yr11) on human reproduction.

After lunch yesterday we went shopping to a Bangladesh dept store that sells stuff made in Bangladesh. They have lots of local cottons and beautiful clothes. We went with our driver who waited for us and brought us back. The roads are very crowded. Rickshaws are everywhere even going the wrong way along a road. One part was very slow because everyone was turning right on a T intersection.

Saturday  there was a speaker from GB who was here to help with teaching and training. Several mission organisations work together. One group is YWAM. We are bringing home some beautiful shawls made by a YWAMer from Bangladesh to support their Mission work.

R our host is writing a huge spread sheet with 100 different mission activities this group do each with all their workers and a projection of the next 5 years so visas can be available for workers from NZ and other places. There are people from Korea and Singapore and Hongkong.

Today we have been at school all day. Primary in the morning Secondary from 12 00. Anne comes early with several primary and teacher gps in the morning. I came today about 9 00 did some prep them taught a junior science class in plant reprod.The teacher sent some boys out to buy me flowers and came back with 3 wilting roses. They were gently pulled apart in class. I have just helped the Physics teacher by showing her the Yr11 powerpoints and relevant sparklers and she is delighted. Tomorrow she will bring a flash and I will transfer them

Better go I have to teach Yr11 Bio class in human reproduction in 5 min


Monday, 26th

We are all well and in good health, enjoying ourselves in this hot and humid place.

It is 6.30am, and ‘She who must be obeyed’ continues to sleep soundly. As does Anne. So The All Blacks will play the Wallabies in the final…

Yesterday was Sunday. Not Sunday like in NZ where churches meet to worship the Lord, but Sunday that are just like our Mondays. Shops are open, schools begin their week of teaching and life goes on. Here the Thursday and the Friday are the weekend. Still the Christians meet together on either the Saturday or the Sunday – depending on who you are.

I volunteered to go and preach at a little church a few days ago, so got my message ready. Then at about 3.30pm set off with the pastor, who had come to a meeting at R&C’s place, in an adventure of a life time. The pastor spoke a little English, and me, wel I spoke no Bangla.There would be a translator I was told. So off Iwent. Notin a nice cool minivan but in a “put-put’, a three wheeled taxi that had all the openings enclosed with metal grills. I could see out, and the wind blew in, but it was still hot and humid.

I think God loves adventure!!! It took us about and hour or so, maybe longer, to travel from the south of Dhaka, where we arer staying, to go some 14kms to the north, just near the airport. The traffic was diabolical. Buses loomed over us from a hands-breadth away, motor cycles weaving in and out of the nose-to-tail traffic. Stop, start, then stop and wait. Then start again only to stop 10 metres further along. Organised


os. The pastor pointed out landmarks from time to time. So I would nod my head as if I understood, which I didn’t. I need my hearing checked when Iget back to Chch. I think the ear infection is still affecting me.. However, the shops and the markets, the piles of rubbish, the people weaving through the traffic, and all sorts of other goings-on kept my attention on the road and the trip.

We eventually arrived at the drop-off point. There were people everywhere. Thousands, all going somewhere, all with a purpose, all looking for their homes or places of business. And I not understanding a word.

The pastor led me over the dual carriage way, that had some 4 or 5 lanes of traffic, on a foot bridge. People sitting on the side begging, others scurrying along, intent on their own destination, and I looking at everything around, drinking it in as if my life depended on it. Thinking at time, ” Am I a target for someone….?

On the other side of the road I followef the pastor across a raillway crossing, happily no trains coming, and in to an area that a tourist would never see.

A street market., maybe 10metres wide for the “road” then all sorts of goods for sale. Veggies, fish, steel rods for building, sacks of rice (I suppose), vehicles being repaired. The smells and sights. Chickens sitting docile in cages. All this and more. Hundreds of people were walking around, or sitting in a sort of coffee or tea shop drinking and talking. What do all these people do???? It seemed like sensory overload big time.

Suddenly the pastor turned off to the left, and like an obedient little lamb I followed. We walked for about 10 mins through little narrow streets. There are no footpaths here. The building rise 6 or 7 stories straight from the roadside. Then there is the odd open space – full of overgrown weeds and rubbish.The ground floor is of shops. 3 or 4 metres wide. Grocers, mini-mini-mini markets, and a myriad other sort of things they sell. Watch your step!!!

Eventually we arrived at the church. The ground floor of an appartment block. The pastor and his family live there as well. He has a daughter, who spoke good English, and a younger son. We were about 45 mins early, so I sat and spoke to those who came early. One man said  fome a distance to attend.

5.00pm we began, and when I looked round, for I was sitting at the front, the place was very full. Some 23-30 adults, and many children. The first4 45mins was all in Bangla, and I did not understand a word. But God was there. I clapped during the singing and prayed when they did. Then I was asked to speak. A young mancme forward to translate for me.

I have been in similar places in other countries. The Lord is there, present, wanting to meet with His people. What a privilage to be able to speak to them the Word of Life! After greetig them I thought “Lord whatI had prepared did not seem suitable, so what di I do!” After what seemed like an age (5-10 seconds maybe),  I began and for the next 45 mins, with translation, spoke about how the spirit of God wants us to open our lives to His presence in everything we do.  Some spoke English, so when the translator struck a difficult word, they would find the right word. It was wonderful!! God was there.

This taking an age to write….

When I eventually left, thepastor took me back to the railway crossing. At the precise moment we arrived to stand beside the road my transport arrives. PTL.Then a long journey back to R&C’s place. Thoroughly blessed by God, more than a lttle tired, but content and buzzing with the goodnes and grace of this amazing God we serve.

So, what were Wendy and Anne doing? Out spending my hard earnt money!!!! Well theirs as well. Buying things to take back to Chch for family and friends.

It is now 7.24am, and time to finish. Today is going back to GEMS and helping some more as we are able. Then only 4 more sleeps and we fly home. Where is home? It can only be where the presnce of God is, as I feel at home here, content to be in a foreign land telling about this amazing God who cares deeply for everyone of us.

Shalom, and peace be with you, today and everyday.

Peter, wendy and Anne

John 12: 23ff