Almost time to go

There seems so much to do….

Clothes, bags, what goes where, what gets put in, what do you leave out, how many bags, what about hand luggage…

Do we have enough space for everything we will need as well as everything our friends would like us to bring.

Decisions, decisions, no end of decisions….

Then getting up at about 3.30am to be at the airport at 4.30am simply to fly our at 6.30am to Sydney…

We’ve been on this journey for the last 3 or four months, and now it is so close. The emails fly back and forth…

Do bring cheese, chocolate spread, the notebooks, some nuts, vacuum pack steak, and a thousand other things…

How do we get a visa..

What happens when we arrive at about midnight local time…

No problem, look for this man with this sign and he’ll bring you to our place…

It reminds me of arriving in South Africa back in 1978. I, Peter, had come through customs and immigration. It was late at night in the midst of a thunder storm. As I walked out in too the airport thought crossed my mind, “Well, Lord, what do I do now?”

I sensed that the Lord directed my attention to a man and a woman sitting on the far side of the airport arrival lounge. So I started to walk towards them. They got up and approached me.

“Is you name Peter Robinson…?”

That was the beginning of 5 months of the presence of the Lord in SA.

So going to Dhaka with a wife and daughter will be a new challenge.

we are looking forward to returning to Dhaka and seeing Ross and Cindy again and seeing what the Lord has in store for us.

We shall endeavour to write everyday a little of what we are seeing and doing.

Thank you for your interest in our doing, and your prayer support.

Blessings and peace be with you all,

Shalom, Peter, Wendy & Anne

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