Today is the Day

Well here we go again Lord

All the bags are packed, the tickets confirmed, the driver about to be woken, the clothes put on, and all the rest.

It is dark outside.

Just think, there are several hundred other people dong exactly what we are doing, getting read to fly off to Sydney to do all sorts of different things.

How many of them know Jesus?

We will probably be the only one ones going to Dhaka.

Yesterday was chaos suitcases everywhere. Trying to decide the best way to pack 90 Kg of stuff. Our clothes in the hand luggage the big cases wit : preschool toys and books, marmite, chocolate spread peanut butter chocolate coffee gluten free floor and other products like chocolate cake cheese butter and vacuum packed meat and scientific calculators etc

Finally order came as we shut the cases. This morning we just need to add the frozen stuff.

Its 3 45 and I’m up!!! and dressed. Thank God for friends who will get up and take us to the airport!

My prayer is that we will be a blessing to them at the 2 schools in Bangladesh.

Wendy and Peter

Addendum from Anne: It’s only been two months since my return from Japan, and already I’m off to another part of Asia. There aren’t many words at 4am, however if I know anything from my last time overseas I know that the Lord will go before, behind, and about us, making a place for us at our destination.

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