Wendy & Anne in KL

2015-10-17 02.01.14

We had a bumpy flight from Sydney gping over Ausisie. But landed very quietly in KL after an  8 hour flight. We’ve had little sleep in the last 24 to 28hours, butare keeping well.We are ate the gate for the flight to Dhaka that leaves in about 2 hours time. There are manymen waitingas well. It can be a little intimidating.Asyou can see in the photo Wendy issleeping, while Anne is on Facebook,!!The flight to Dhaka is about 4 hours and then a few more for luggage and immigration, and some more time toget to wherewe will be staying.Tomorrow will we R & R.         We are in good heart.     Thank you for your prayers and love.     The Robinsons


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