We have arrived in Dhaka this morning at 12.15am to a hot and steamy atmosphere after this long flight.

Wehad no difficulty getting a visa when we landed, PTL, and then went through immigation and collected our luggage before passing customs. I had been asking the Lord to give us favour and we were waved us through. We went outside to look for our transport to where we are staying.We

were met and broughtto R&C’s after about 35 mins drive. We eventually got to bed about2.30am and slept till about 7.00am  after being woken up about 5.00am.

I’m having some challenges with the interface between the tablet and the wifi keyboard, so any layout issues come from that.

We are rested and sort of  in our right minds, and we are looking forward to what is ahead. Wendy with the science, Anne with the english, and my self with the ICT. I would appreciate yourprayers as I feel out of my comfort zone doing this, and R has high expectations of me. I feel quite inadequate, but God is more than adequate to help me in this task. Peter

his is Wendy

Yesterday was very long about 28 hours from leaving home to arriving, withlong airport waits. But we managed itfine with no problems except eating too much. From toast before we left e ate about6 meals. On the plane I read Ps 91 if you can read the first part.

I will mostly be working with the science staff at the school in Dhaka We will have an escort to and from school.

The preschool stuff we brought and some of you gave us has been greatfully received.The food supplies also no peanut butter and chocholate here.


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