Sundat, 18th

Ihope that you all enjoyed the fellowship with others as you met together. For us it was off the school and being involved in whatever we could.

It has been hot and humid today, over 34C.And after about 4 or 5 hours of sleep with the fan continuing to revolve round the ceiling, or is it the fan simply staying put and the blads turning. No matter which one it did make the 25C, and humidity, bearable. Then being reminded at 5.00am of the call of the faithful to worship. Then trying to go back to sleep.

Visiting new friends and trying to understand what we can do to help them with their compter skill. It reminds me of my first forays in the world of computers some 25-30 years ago and trying to learn how to save ones work, as well as a myriad of other new things to learn about. I do feel out of mydepth in some areas of hardware maintenance. I was talking some of the younger people and theywere doing some programming at home. Help….

The new peoplewe are meeting are all delightful. The women in their outfit complete with scarves. The men eager to learn more.

Wedrove home to R&C’s place this evening feeling quiet tired. I was in the front seat. The roads seem chaotic, but everone knows the unspoken rules of knuging (?) You vehicle in to the traffic stream while not trying to hit the bus just 10 or 20 cms away, or the rickshaw right in front of us that we could just about run over them. Some even driving down the wrong side of the road!!!

Hi from Dhaka 31 degrees today, ive spent/most of the time witha fan in the room,

Yesterday Saturday was a holiday so we had time to recover from our long travel and toet an idea of what each of us would d at the school. Today, Sunday is a school day. The school sits on top of a church floors 3-5.

I spent time with 2 teachers doing year 9 and 10 science helping them with topics they found difficult. Later time with the DP doing Biology, Loked at Kidneys then began geneticsbut will haveanother day on that. I have brought some material and will go over that with teachers.

The streets are hetic people everywhere and horns blowing but colourful with painted trucks. And rickshaws. We slept well last night for the first few hours then on and off after that.Itsonly 8pmbut im ready for bed so good night


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