Wednesday 21st October

Greeting from Dhaka

We have had 3 days at school. And today andtomorrow are Hindu holidays so no school but we have has Wendy coaching Happy the most senior student, in Biology.

Peter has a class on the computer

Anne has a class of teachers learning English

I am working setting up all my resources into the headings of the students text book so they can be found easily. I also many of my resources are not at the right level so hope to make resources specific to the levels here.

We are picked up each day in the van outside our door and dropped at the school door.Its only a kilometer and a half but today it took an hour because of heave traffic whereas it would be 10 minutes on a good day. Normally the other NZers would not go by car but things are sensitive at present.

Water: comes from a tap but has to be boiled for 20 minutes before it is safe to drink. Every day water needs to be boiled filtered and put in jugs. Even teeth must be cleaned with drinking water.

Because its a Hindu festival there is loud party music all evening till midnight. At present we sleep well for the first part of the night and less well till morning. Jetlag. We are 7 hr behind you. We have a ceiling fan on all night.Hope this gives you some idea of life here.We

are all well and getting some work done each day.

Love from Wendy

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