friday 23 October

Hi everyone

Itcontinues to be hot but everyone says it should have got cooler by now being past summer and moonsoon. R says it doesnt rain for 4 months after the monsoon. Aslong as the fan is on it’s ok.

Yesterday I was writing work sheets for the junior school based on their books. Oxford World of Science books 1,2,and 3 then they go onto Cambridge IGCSE, but they cannot get teachers manual or students workbookoutside Brittain. Anne you could see what is available in NZ.

Last night Anne sat with me as I put it on the computer and improved my English. Annes lady teachers are loving her English classes. Being a holiday we have been able to work with the teachers.

Last evening we had a house church here About 25 adults and 20 children and youth. All in Bangla. We sang one or 2 songs in English especially for us. The lady that lead the worship is a teacher and youc could see she loved leading the worship. We then ha groups to discuss the passage and we had an English gp.The children were very well behaved and people shared testimonies.

Today we are going to church in English with C one of the NZ teachers is taking us. Driver at the door at 10

Better get ready, and put my scarf on. we have decided the answer is safety pins!!


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