Saturday 23rd – A trip to the shop

We needed to get some bread, mllk powder and green tea.

So off I went with Kenny, one of the local Bangla men in the school. He is taller than Me, Peter, with a big smile!. At the bottom of the 6th flight of stairs we met the security man at the door, said, “Hi”, and went out through the iron grill gate of our appartment block on the narrow street.

It was hot and humid, but then it has been like that everday so far. The street is only just wide enought to allow two cars to pass with a liitle gap on each side. There is no footpath. The road is the foot path. It is made of bricks , so as you can imagine there are bumps and hollows all along the road.

Kenny said we were going through the mosque to the next street.I was worried, :will we offend them?:.”No”, says Kenny. So off we went. About 30 metres down the road Keny suddenly darts off to the right down an alley way between two buildings. It is dark. Then my right hand side, through the unglassed windows I saw the mosque. We were walking along side it.The was no one inside.

Then at other end iof the allet it opened out on to the next street. Just like the one we live on. There across the street was the shop. Lots of items inside, with a counterat the front door. Kenny asked for our items, but no green tea! Kenny paid it. As we turned to go a street vendor arrived with a wide flat basket on his head. In it were several dozen  little chicken, alive, with their legs tied together (so I am told) peering over side at me. They looked very cute Kenny explained that they were for eating, not breeding….

We set off back the way we came across the road, down the ally way. Half way down an olderman in white appeared. Shook Kenny’s hand then mine. He then touched his heart with his right hand and on we went.

Iasked Kenny what it all meant. He said he knew the man and when he touch his heart after shaking hands it meant that he was welcoming me from his heart. Happily I had responded likewise, even though I din’t understand everything. I sensed it was the right thing to do. PTL

The rest of the day was taken up with a seminar in R & C’s place leadby a man, Simon …., from the UK. But that is another story. (It was very good!)


Peter, Wendy &anne

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