Hi everyone

I haven’t written for ages.

Yesterday was Monday and usually school but yesterday was a Muslin holiday, so no school. In the morning I spent 2 hours with the school dept telling him about the resources we had brought last year and this year. He also wanted help with Biology reproduction and genetics. Next lesson I will teach his class (our yr11) on human reproduction.

After lunch yesterday we went shopping to a Bangladesh dept store that sells stuff made in Bangladesh. They have lots of local cottons and beautiful clothes. We went with our driver who waited for us and brought us back. The roads are very crowded. Rickshaws are everywhere even going the wrong way along a road. One part was very slow because everyone was turning right on a T intersection.

Saturday  there was a speaker from GB who was here to help with teaching and training. Several mission organisations work together. One group is YWAM. We are bringing home some beautiful shawls made by a YWAMer from Bangladesh to support their Mission work.

R our host is writing a huge spread sheet with 100 different mission activities this group do each with all their workers and a projection of the next 5 years so visas can be available for workers from NZ and other places. There are people from Korea and Singapore and Hongkong.

Today we have been at school all day. Primary in the morning Secondary from 12 00. Anne comes early with several primary and teacher gps in the morning. I came today about 9 00 did some prep them taught a junior science class in plant reprod.The teacher sent some boys out to buy me flowers and came back with 3 wilting roses. They were gently pulled apart in class. I have just helped the Physics teacher by showing her the Yr11 powerpoints and relevant sparklers and she is delighted. Tomorrow she will bring a flash and I will transfer them

Better go I have to teach Yr11 Bio class in human reproduction in 5 min


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