Tuesday 27th – What you see out the window while driving

,This morning as we were driving from R&C’s place where we are staying I saw many things and sights out the van window.

Rickshaws piled high with boxes, or bags, or people.

Shops open selling all sorts of goods, from vegetables to soft drink, bread to potato chips, biscuits to bananas and the like,

Others cooking food for passers by – a breakfast on the go, as it were

Butchers with their wares hanging on hooks open to the local fly population

Buses full of men all going somewhere – work maybe?

Skips full of rubbish ready for collection, while others are sweeping the street and filling them to over flowing. Sometimes I’ve seen others sorting through the rubbish looking for things

Motorbike weaving in and out of the traffic

Mini vans, 4×4’s, old cars and new ones, all seeking to get there faster and leaving everyone else looking for the way through the flow. Each one pressing into the available gaps in the traffic. Order in the chaos.

Rickshaws travelling down our side of the road while going against the flow!!!!!!!!!!

Men dashing across the road with no apparent regard for their safety

The occasional woman walking along the footpath. I also noticed about 8-10 women all sitting outside a shop, maybe they were waiting to go into the sewing factory?

Men mending their rickshaws or their three wheeled taxis

Engineering shops ready for work

People biking

Policemen seeking to direct the traffic

No traffic lights, even if there were then they are generally not obeyed

And our driver, Kenny today, not our usual driver Micheal, doing an expert joy of weaving through the traffic and not getting into any scraps

This morning, at 8.00am, local time the city is still waking up, so the traffic is not as bad as at about 9.00am, local time. The traffic goes all night with the horns blaring out warning the driver in front “I want to get by!!”, or “Careful I’m here!!”

Other times of being driven round the city I have seem the lean-toos that people use as their homes. Right on the footpath while using the fence as the back wall. One place I noticed about 100 metres like this.While a little while later the big city shops selling new cars, clothing, McDonald’s., and a myriad other items.

At school today Anne continues her English teaching, Wendy her Science and I doing the computers, as well as helping teach Excel and Word. The what (little) I know is helping them get better and become more proficient.

It is a privilege to be here do what we can.

It’s 5.45pm in Christchurch at the moment, we hope you’ve had a good day, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Peter, Wendy & Anne

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