Wednesday 28th October

Hi everyone

Its hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day. When we arrive at school a group of mothers waiting for their preschool children are in the courtyard. Now they all greet us with a “good morning” most haven’t tried to make conversation they may not have more English. We are warmly welcomed by everyone. This morning a preschool mother brought some coconut balls and I was given one – delicious.

When offered tea they expect you will have sugar. The spoon in the sugar box is a dessert spoon so if you say one thanks you will get a dessert spoon in a small cupful. Diabetes increasing here too.

Today I need to continue teaching the senior Reproduction class and a science teacher has called in sick so I will Take her class – electricity. Peter is working with the DP on something to do with the laptops. Anne is teaching a group of students English, then she will have a teacher group.

We have been joined by 2 ladies from Britain who are helping with coaching teachers and identifying special needs students.

Peter here,

I have been working on the small laptop – 10″ – computers sorting out the programs to put on the. And as far as I can tell I have finished. There is one more, a Bangla language program that is needed for the keyboard. However, I have had great difficulty in both finding it and then trying to down load/install it on the 20 or so laptops. I feel as if I have been on an intensive computer training course to do this. I have felt inadequate, however, the Lord has been helping me and that is good.

I’m not sure what I should be doing over the next two days, still I have things I can teach them to do with Excel. It is fascinating, for as I teach them what I know (and acknowledge what I don’t) then I’m finding new ways to do old things.

(Since finishing the last sentence I have been giving some tips to two of the teachers).

I have taken some photos on the way here so they will be the next post. Anne is showing me how to do this. The photos are on my tablet not the laptop. Oh the joys of multiple electronic gadgets.


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