Friday, 30th October

It is just on 5.00am and the call to worship has sounded out again.

Today we fly home. Where is home? Home is where tha heart is. One of my favourite authors, Paul Tournier, wrote “A Place Called Home”. He spoke aboit our need to be able to live where we are fully and be involved. To find a place of rest in our spirits and not be troubled because we have never ‘left’ our original home.

Over the years I, Peter, have left many ‘homes’. So today I leave another home. It is a little sad, and yet also joyful. For I go to another ‘home. A home of long standing. In fact I have  never lived in one place as long as I have in Christchurch. And I have learnt to give myself fully in what ever place I find myself.

Dhaka has been hot and humid. I have not slept as well asI would have liked. Yet it has been ‘home’. We have been welcomed by R&C, and the family at GEMS, and come to love them all. It will be dificult to get on the plane. There are great needs here. One can do much for the Kingdom. Yet the needs are great everywhere.

Home is where tha heart is…

Our hearts find their ‘home’ in God, so wherever He is, that is home. It is a privilage to find one’s ‘home’ in God.

One of the things I did not expect to find here was who my daughter Anne has become. I suppose that like most parents Anne had “never grown up”, as it were. Well, she has been a revelation to me here. Her ability at teaching English, and helping others understand it has been an eye-opener to me. Anne is finding a place for her tallents and giftings. What her future will look like I do not know, but I am watching with bated breadth, as it were, to see who she becomes in God.

We begin our journet in about 4 hours time. First we fly to Kuala Lumpour, then on to Sydney, amd finally arrive in Chch about midnight tomorrow night. There are many hours in airports.  Almost as many as in flying! 🙂

There is the invitation to return here. We need time to get back into the folw and rytheme of life in Chch before we decide such things. I siad to the Lord some years ago that Ido not need to go overseas again. And now I find this ‘virus’ of mission flares up again. “Help Lord”. We will see.

Wendy has done great things in helping the science dept. We will have many things to see to in the weeks ahead. Happily R$C’s son is going to Dhaka for Chtistmas, so we can give him a flash drive of things for them.

Now the need to finish packing, get Micheal, the Transend driver, to take to the airport, then customs, immigtation, tickets, and all the various other events of changing countries take place until we again stand on the terra firma of Chch.

Thankyou for being part of our adventure and time here in Dhaka. Thankyou for your prayers and support.


Peter, Wendy and Anne

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