Breathrough in GEMS school registration

Gems had applied toregister their school in 2010. Every inquiry since was met with lost file and hints for bribes. Or redo the file 2cm of paper to redo. During the week R with an English visiter went to see someone higher up in Education dept to discuss bringing outteacher training 6. While there they inquired re Gems Registration. He run down to the lower levels. Answer file lost. The seniorman said very firmly ; find it! And they did and word came they could pick it up on Fridayat 12 oo Thankyou Father for the right man and the file done.

Yesterday was busy getting things finished and handed over. We were sad to leave the so were they. Will you come back everyone asked.?

Last night wasthe local House Church where we stayed. More friends to see. Wealsogot our bags packed almost nothing to pack. Then we hadsteak and chips our first non curry dinner! We hadt taken the steak over vacumn packed no problem. Amazing. We prayed for each other.

This morning no problem the driver was thereto drive us to the airport and no problem driving as Friday is the holiday so the traffic was light. So now we are on the way and are having tea at KL airport at Delifrance!! Catch a flight in several hours to Sydney then a long wait before the pland to CHCH

See you soon


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