“The Road goes ever …:” Sydney – Saturday 31th

Wendy & Anne waiting for theflight to Chch later this afternoon
Wendy & Anne waiting for theflight to Chch later this afternoon

We have arrived in Sydney after an uneventful flight fron Dhaka to KL and then KL to Sydney. There was a litlte turbulance over Aussie and coming in to Sydney. We left KL about anhour late, and on arriving at Sydneywe had to wait about 30 mins on the tarmac while our terminal became free.. Wehad to go in to Aussie because our baggage was not booked all the way through to Chch. So we eperienced Aussie hospitality at its best! 🙂

At the Quantas checkin we met “Syd”. Everyone seems to have the name tag that says their name is “Syd”, or is it that this is their pass ID in to the Sydney airport where they are working? Anyway “Syd” was very helpful and we had our three bags checked-in for Chch. So, all things being equal they should be there when we arrive with our flight.Then

n back through customs and passport control – again. It was my turn to go through the body check machine. It showed up my belt and the packet of chewing gum in my pocket I had forgotten about. After this I was swabbed for drugs in Wendy’s handbag that I am carrying. You will be happy to hear that there  was a “nil” result to the test 🙂

So now we are in the departure lounge waiting for the 6:45pm flight to Chch in about 4 1/4 hours. We had hoped to be able to go into Sydney and do some touristy type things, but after only a few hours of sleep after the over night flight from KL we are seated next to McDonalds (ice cream at 4.00pm) “watching the girls go by” – oops sorry  – watching the planes go fly (in and out).

Today is the first time we have had any wind to speak of. Dhaka had none, and at KL we were in the building. Though there were some lightening flashes to “light up” our evening meal in the transit termiinal. In Dhaka you could not see a clear sky at all. The degree of pollution ment that the sky was hidden and even if there were clouds, they could not be seen.

The sky here in Sydney is high clouds and no blue sky visible. However, it is certainly cooler here – in the mid 20C’s.Nice and comfortable!

Wendy is asleep, Anne is on her cell phone doing something on the internet, while I am updating the blog. What are we going to do this coming week back in Chch?

Ah well, maybe we have to go off again so that we can blog about that!!! No, not in the near future – may nexy year to Fiji…

Our Quantas flight arrives about midniight, then back to 10 Ajax St, set the DVD to record a rugby match to watch later,and then life will begin to resemble a well oiled machine as we begin to take up the various duties, jobs and responsibilities we have. Chrismas coming up all to soon… Then 2016 and all its possibilities of serving and so forth.

“The road goes ever on and on…

Down from the door where it began…”

And so we wend our way back to our door to be resorted, replenished and revitalised for the next “Road that ever goes on…”

Thank you for taking this jorney with us,

We thankour God for the privilage to jorney with Him in to interesting places, meeting lots of interesting people, and the grace He gives to share our stories with them…


Peter, Wendy and Anne

1 thought on ““The Road goes ever …:” Sydney – Saturday 31th

  1. Thanks for taking the time to diary your time in Bangladesh. I am sure it has made a difference in your life as much as you were able to make in theirs.
    The Service in the chapel sounded really good and I find it interesting that wherever we go there is someone who can speak English for us.
    Christchurch will be quite quiet I am sure.



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