Saturday 23rd – A trip to the shop

We needed to get some bread, mllk powder and green tea.

So off I went with Kenny, one of the local Bangla men in the school. He is taller than Me, Peter, with a big smile!. At the bottom of the 6th flight of stairs we met the security man at the door, said, “Hi”, and went out through the iron grill gate of our appartment block on the narrow street.

It was hot and humid, but then it has been like that everday so far. The street is only just wide enought to allow two cars to pass with a liitle gap on each side. There is no footpath. The road is the foot path. It is made of bricks , so as you can imagine there are bumps and hollows all along the road.

Kenny said we were going through the mosque to the next street.I was worried, :will we offend them?:.”No”, says Kenny. So off we went. About 30 metres down the road Keny suddenly darts off to the right down an alley way between two buildings. It is dark. Then my right hand side, through the unglassed windows I saw the mosque. We were walking along side it.The was no one inside.

Then at other end iof the allet it opened out on to the next street. Just like the one we live on. There across the street was the shop. Lots of items inside, with a counterat the front door. Kenny asked for our items, but no green tea! Kenny paid it. As we turned to go a street vendor arrived with a wide flat basket on his head. In it were several dozen¬† little chicken, alive, with their legs tied together (so I am told) peering over side at me. They looked very cute Kenny explained that they were for eating, not breeding….

We set off back the way we came across the road, down the ally way. Half way down an olderman in white appeared. Shook Kenny’s hand then mine. He then touched his heart with his right hand and on we went.

Iasked Kenny what it all meant. He said he knew the man and when he touch his heart after shaking hands it meant that he was welcoming me from his heart. Happily I had responded likewise, even though I din’t understand everything. I sensed it was the right thing to do. PTL

The rest of the day was taken up with a seminar in R & C’s place leadby a man, Simon …., from the UK. But that is another story. (It was very good!)


Peter, Wendy &anne

friday 23 October

Hi everyone

Itcontinues to be hot but everyone says it should have got cooler by now being past summer and moonsoon. R says it doesnt rain for 4 months after the monsoon. Aslong as the fan is on it’s ok.

Yesterday I was writing work sheets for the junior school based on their books. Oxford World of Science books 1,2,and 3 then they go onto Cambridge IGCSE, but they cannot get teachers manual or students workbookoutside Brittain. Anne you could see what is available in NZ.

Last night Anne sat with me as I put it on the computer and improved my English. Annes lady teachers are loving her English classes. Being a holiday we have been able to work with the teachers.

Last evening we had a house church here About 25 adults and 20 children and youth. All in Bangla. We sang one or 2 songs in English especially for us. The lady that lead the worship is a teacher and youc could see she loved leading the worship. We then ha groups to discuss the passage and we had an English gp.The children were very well behaved and people shared testimonies.

Today we are going to church in English with C one of the NZ teachers is taking us. Driver at the door at 10

Better get ready, and put my scarf on. we have decided the answer is safety pins!!


Thursday 24th

The heat and humidity continues unabaited. Everyone says that is shouldave begun to get cooler about 3 weeks ago. I think the weather was waiting for us and decided to give us a treat!!!! ūüôā

Well , I for one could do without this treat!

Today we went again to GEMS to do some teachibg with the staff. Anne helping with the English Рwhich, I might say has been very well received and has been excellent. Wendy continues with the Science and doing rsources for the school. I, Peter, have continued to help with teach four of the teachers  about MS Excel. There is lots of enthusiasm and questions, which is great.

I’ve been trying to show them how to do a table with students name, marks for tests, then finding averages, as well as sorting the various lists. I think God has given me heaps of patience. It is lots of fun with them, and yes they seem to be learning something.

It is a four day holiday at the moment. Cindy Has gone to Chandpur for a few days and will be back before we leave – Friday next week. It does nots seem possible that we have bee here six days already. I feel as if tomorrow we will be on the plane back to the cooler climate of Chch.

This afternoon has been R ‘n’ R. Reading or sleeping. This difficult with the constant noise of a festival not too far away. Meanwhile, Wendy continues her preparaton. I have been helping sort out some of the material we brought over this time as well as the things we gave C&R at Easter. One challenge is the one of the1TB HD’s does not seem to be able to be read. Need to work on that.

Our washing continues to be done each day. It comes back nice and clean and ironed. We feel like kings and queens. We are treated so well.

Our daily trip to GEMS takes about 10 mins. However, if we leave too late then it takes upto half an hour due to the volume of trffic – buses, private cars, mini vans, ricksaws (literally hundreds and hundreds), people crossing the road – which is like a three lanes on each sideof the road, with a median strip down the middle Then every now and then and again there is a break in the medianstrip. So, what do you think happens? A bus the sizeo of the “Red Buses” in Christchurch decides to do a “U turn” in the middle of all the two way traffic!!!!

Everything stops! The traffic backs up several hundred metres. And the bus tries to execute a “three point turn”, Padamodim breaks out. Horns are blaring out. Vehicles are trying to squeeze round the back of the bus, or round it’s front. Slowly it accomplishes the manoerverand the traffic flow resumes it course untill the next street comes in to our street. The police stop the way and tell another flow to go. Then it’s back to us. Organised chaos! Still they seem to know the “unspoken” rules of the road. I will try to take a video of what happens.

This evening there is a Bible study at R & C’ place – in Baungla (local langauge) and maybe something in English, so our evening meal will be after 9.00pm.

It is amazing to sense the grace of God in our daily routine. It would be so easy to criticise and complain, but we are really happy to be here and see it as part and parcel of life in Dhaka. PTL!

The team here are doing a great work, and it is a privilage to come and live with them for a few weeks. Bless God for the ease of air transport in these days and for the internet, email, blog, facebook, and so forth, that enables one to ot travel and communicate so easily.

I have pontificated long enough today,

The Lord bless you and give you peace,

Peter, Wendy & Anne

Wednesday 21st October

Greeting from Dhaka

We have had 3 days at school. And today andtomorrow are Hindu holidays so no school but we have has Wendy coaching Happy the most senior student, in Biology.

Peter has a class on the computer

Anne has a class of teachers learning English

I am working setting up all my resources into the headings of the students text book so they can be found easily. I also many of my resources are not at the right level so hope to make resources specific to the levels here.

We are picked up each day in the van outside our door and dropped at the school door.Its only a kilometer and a half but today it took an hour because of heave traffic whereas it would be 10 minutes on a good day. Normally the other NZers would not go by car but things are sensitive at present.

Water: comes from a tap but has to be boiled for 20 minutes before it is safe to drink. Every day water needs to be boiled filtered and put in jugs. Even teeth must be cleaned with drinking water.

Because its a Hindu festival there is loud party music all evening till midnight. At present we sleep well for the first part of the night and less well till morning. Jetlag. We are 7 hr behind you. We have a ceiling fan on all night.Hope this gives you some idea of life here.We

are all well and getting some work done each day.

Love from Wendy

Tuesday 20th

I was running out the door this morning eating mytoast as I followed Anne and the others of to GEMS. It was 7.15am. I had got out of bed at about 6.40am thinking I had plenty of time to get ready. There was no mercy (or so it seemed) if one was late – you simply waite for the next trip some 1 – 1 1/2 hrs later. The nice thing aboutthat time of day is there was not too muchtraffic on the road.

There were hundreds of rickshaws, lots of the motorised sort as well, along with many buses, a few taxis and cars. Everthing is damaged in some way. Scrapes along the side, dents in the sides or the back of the vehicle. From time to time you may see an almost new car looking bright and shinny. They look so out of place.

Today we continued to help in the teaching of students. Wendy was looking for a basic “periodic table” of the first 20 elements. We could not find one so we emaileda friend in Christchurch and they emailed back laterwith whatWendy was looking for. Thank you so much.

The time difference is 7 hours behind NZ.

I spent most of my time loading programmes on some small notebooks (300 GB HD)and eventually got about half of what is needed done. The sticking point was Internet access for some of the programmes. It was hot and sticky today, and I ran out of energy about 4.00pm after quite a lot of concentration.

We have lunch at the school about 2.00pm each day. It is the main mealo of the day, and it is brought to us. Generally it is rice and some chickenand veges. Often it is quite spicey, and I like it…

Tomorrow begins a 5 day holiday based on a hindu tradition. But we will be at the school doing some teaching of Excel and Word as required. For about three hours during the middle of the day.

I am feeling quite tired after about 4 to 5 hrs sleep last night, so I should be off to bed before too long.

Look after yourselves,

Lesings, P, W and A

Monday 19th

It has been another hot and humid day  at the office.

I arrived late at the school the due to missing signals  and reading  my ebooks to long!!!!!

Today has been  a long day of talking and turning computers on and off. Seeing what is on them by way of programmes, or noton them asthe case mat be.

We were able tobring some small 10in notebooks, sothey will need to be set us with antivirus, PDF, a word processor as well as speadsheet, and a few others like Bangla language programmes. Ah well, all in a days work. I still feel out of my depth doing this. Yet I am enjoying the challenge.

Part of my day is helping some of the staff withMSWord and how to do things on it. I am taught by them sometimes!!!

Everyone is friendly and open.

We are taken by van to the school each day. This morning instead of the 5 – 10 min drive it took about 1/2 hr due to the nose to tail nature of the traffic volume.

I splet about 5 to 6 hours last night, so I’m getting by.

Breakfast is rice bubbles and muslie with milkand my be a feww slices of toast with peanut butter, jam and the like. Followed by green tea. Lunch comes along at about13.45 in the afternoon. It is rice with various vegetables and chicken, with the whole meal seasoned with curry – not too hot mindd you. The tea, about 19.30 in the evening, is toast with peanut butter, jam, some slices of cheese (that we had brought over), a thin layer of butter and vegemite to top it off. During the day we are able to eat bananas regularly. They are nice and sweet. Not like the ones in NZ.

This evening after tea we were talking round the table about computers the wifi setup, and various challenges that face the team here. Hopefully we canhelp in some way.

I have not gotten/used to the face that the week here begins on Sunday not Monday, so I keep thinking thattoday is Tuesday!! :). The things one has to put up with for God!!!!!!

It is now 22.00hrs. The two girls have gone to bed, so I need to think about that too. I will prbably sleep till about 2.00am then wake fora while, read a little then try to getback to sleep. 5.00am is the call to worship not to far from us, then back to sleep – if possible.There is noise all the time, to a greater or lesser degree. In our bedroom the fan spins round and round, going nowhere fast, but the movement of the air makes it cooler and thus we can sleep easier. The cool nights of Chch seem very inviting. Still we are very happy to be here and serve R & C and the others. Archer seems a long way away.

Someone bought me some jandles today, problem is they were too small, size9 while i’m size 11!!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and interest, P,W & A

Sundat, 18th

Ihope that you all enjoyed the fellowship with others as you met together. For us it was off the school and being involved in whatever we could.

It has been hot and humid today, over 34C.And after about 4 or 5 hours of sleep with the fan continuing to revolve round the ceiling, or is it the fan simply staying put and the blads turning. No matter which one it did make the 25C, and humidity, bearable. Then being reminded at 5.00am of the call of the faithful to worship. Then trying to go back to sleep.

Visiting new friends and trying to understand what we can do to help them with their compter skill. It reminds me of my first forays in the world of computers some 25-30 years ago and trying to learn how to save ones work, as well as a myriad of other new things to learn about. I do feel out of mydepth in some areas of hardware maintenance. I was talking some of the younger people and theywere doing some programming at home. Help….

The new peoplewe are meeting are all delightful. The women in their outfit complete with scarves. The men eager to learn more.

Wedrove home to R&C’s place this evening feeling quiet tired. I was in the front seat. The roads seem chaotic, but everone knows the unspoken rules of knuging (?) You vehicle in to the traffic stream while not trying to hit the bus just 10 or 20 cms away, or the rickshaw right in front of us that we could just about run over them. Some even driving down the wrong side of the road!!!

Hi from Dhaka 31 degrees today, ive spent/most of the time witha fan in the room,

Yesterday Saturday was a holiday so we had time to recover from our long travel and toet an idea of what each of us would d at the school. Today, Sunday is a school day. The school sits on top of a church floors 3-5.

I spent time with 2 teachers doing year 9 and 10 science helping them with topics they found difficult. Later time with the DP doing Biology, Loked at Kidneys then began geneticsbut will haveanother day on that. I have brought some material and will go over that with teachers.

The streets are hetic people everywhere and horns blowing but colourful with painted trucks. And rickshaws. We slept well last night for the first few hours then on and off after that.Itsonly 8pmbut im ready for bed so good night



We have arrived in Dhaka this morning at 12.15am to a hot and steamy atmosphere after this long flight.

Wehad no difficulty getting a visa when we landed, PTL, and then went through immigation and collected our luggage before passing customs. I had been asking the Lord to give us favour and we were waved us through. We went outside to look for our transport to where we are staying.We

were met and broughtto R&C’s after about 35 mins drive. We eventually got to bed about2.30am and slept till about 7.00am¬† after being woken up about 5.00am.

I’m having some challenges with the interface between the tablet and the wifi keyboard, so any layout issues come from that.

We are rested and sort of  in our right minds, and we are looking forward to what is ahead. Wendy with the science, Anne with the english, and my self with the ICT. I would appreciate yourprayers as I feel out of my comfort zone doing this, and R has high expectations of me. I feel quite inadequate, but God is more than adequate to help me in this task. Peter

his is Wendy

Yesterday was very long about 28 hours from leaving home to arriving, withlong airport waits. But we managed itfine with no problems except eating too much. From toast before we left e ate about6 meals. On the plane I read Ps 91 if you can read the first part.

I will mostly be working with the science staff at the school in Dhaka We will have an escort to and from school.

The preschool stuff we brought and some of you gave us has been greatfully received.The food supplies also no peanut butter and chocholate here.


Wendy & Anne in KL

2015-10-17 02.01.14

We had a bumpy flight from Sydney gping over Ausisie. But landed very quietly in KL after an¬† 8 hour flight. We’ve had little sleep in the last 24 to 28hours, butare keeping well.We are ate the gate for the flight to Dhaka that leaves in about 2 hours time. There are manymen waitingas well. It can be a little intimidating.Asyou can see in the photo Wendy issleeping, while Anne is on Facebook,!!The flight to Dhaka is about 4 hours and then a few more for luggage and immigration, and some more time toget to wherewe will be staying.Tomorrow will we R & R.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We are in good heart.¬†¬†¬†¬† Thank you for your prayers and love.¬†¬†¬†¬† The Robinsons